Rod Design and Analysis (RodDNA and Designer) Download & Documentation

RodDNA version 2.0 is the latest free release for all operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Linux, Unix, Macintosh OS X, etc.

This version does not require any registration like previoous releases, and has the exact same features and functionality of v1.4.0.

The new RodDNA Designer release and book "Bamboo Rod Taper Design with RodDNA Designer" is now available via this link:

RodDNA Designer

Note: These versions requires the Java run-time version 1.5.0 or greater to run. Please refer to the documentation for details. To download the Java Run-Time environment, open the following link and download and install the version of Java that is recommended for your computer:

Previous versions (v1.2 ~ 1.4) have be retired, and are no longer available. If you are running any of these older versions, they will continue to run fine. However the network functions will no loger be available.

Please refer to the documentation for system requirements and how to install RodDNA on your computer.

Please refer to the documentation first before emailing me with any questions.

Specifications subject to change without notice.
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